Advocating for Better Mental Health through Education and Culture

We are a community based organization in Kenya working towards better mental well being.
Our work encompasses empowering women and the youth through workshops, education, donations of everyday products.

The Problem

Mental Health Care services aren’t always accessible, especially not for many women and the youth in developing countries such as Kenya. Untreated mental illness is costly to society due to lower productivity, depression, substance abuse, and needless deaths by suicide.

Our Solution

Believe provides a platform for speaking and sharing among peers and other stakeholders. Through our partners and funding, Believe Mental Health Care offers counseling services, Community sensitization against retrogressive cultures, and donating relevant books and commodities that help improve the quality of life.

How You Can Help


Our operation relies entirely on the generosity and selflessness of donors and well wishers. We are grateful for every donation regardless of the amount.


Dedicating your time to help us out with events planning, coordination, outreach, and even professional services is an excellent way to help the community. Visit our volunteer page for more.

Attend Our Events

You can support us by being present at any of our events closest to you. Get on our mailing list to be informed of any upcoming events.

Recent Updates
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