Our Programs

Life skills and Civic Engagement Program

We provide exercises,forums,workshops and community outreaches that offers children,youth and women the opportunity to listen,learn and engage with every aspect of their lives.

The exercise aims to invest in the social and emotional learning using a Whole Person Approach.

Community members are provided with information on mental health,social and cultural issues for personal and professional development.

We encourage participation for story-telling and story-learning for a full view of these issues and understanding.

Our personal development exercises strives to increase the sense of agency within our community.

Wellbeing Program

Beneficiaries participate in creation of safe spaces marrying cultural rooted concepts with sociology and psychology.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program

Hello my people, in partnership with AMAZE international, BMHC would like to introduce you to our playlist on Comprehensive Sexuality Education. May we learn together and raise a conscious generation.😊

Believe mental health care appreciates a socially conscious community and that’s why we envision a population ( young population) free from sexually transmitted infections, gender and sexual identity discrimination, child marriages, unintended pregnancies, and sexual violence.
In partnership with AMAZE International, we have created a playlist based on the K-12 standards of comprehensive sexuality education.
Hear! Hear! to consciousness.

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