Our Core Values


Working on Better Mental Health Care and Empowerment of the Society.


To have each member of the society stand up in their strengths and weaknesses and be proud of who they are.


Building relationships, our beneficiaries come first, and excellence.

1. Relationships

We are in the business of building open, honest, and constructive relationships, and this extends to the relationships we have at our works.

We manage compassionately by recognizing that people’s experiences and perspectives may differ from ours; we all succeed by fostering trust among members, beneficiaries, colleagues, partners, and volunteers.
We expect our employees/members /volunteers to communicate with clarity and constructively provide feedback.

The more we share what’s working and what’s not, the more likely we can generate solutions to mental health problems, leverage the best practices demonstrated, and ensure that every team member feels that this is their organization- comradeship.

2. Beneficiaries come first

Everything we do is ultimately driven by our desire to create value for our beneficiaries; young people and women. We encourage our employees/volunteers to know and

understand our beneficiaries to ensure the long-term mental health of our community and


3. Excellence

Our employees/volunteers are encouraged to lead by example, practice well-being, seek to solve significant social challenges that impact their mental health, set measurable and actionable goals, and continuously learn, iterate and improve. 

We set a high bar for creating a culture, of fighting against conformity, complacency, boringness, against drudgery and expect

to clear it. Our programs are more than a service. We are trying to create a system- a soul.

Excellence is being good consistently over time.